Who makes us great

It is no secret: we are high accomplishers. Since we want the best for each other, we drive ourselves and each other. To do great things, we want to be challenged. For us, it’s about exceeding our own targets to achieve excellent results for our consumers and our teams.

Working at Cross Merge Services offers a variety of career opportunities for entry-level and experienced professionals. There are enough opportunities to take care of your personal needs and enjoy a balance between work and life.

Slide Perks/ Benefits of being a CMS Team Member In-house lunch facility Sick days leave provision Extended Health & Dental Benefits Work from Home option available Participation in Company Events Free Parking Available Flexible Working Hours

Our Values

Strive for excellence and all interests are encouraged simultaneously. This isn’t just our statement of purpose, it’s terms that we live by. Of all we do, we apply our core principles. It’s how we have developed ourselves in the world of work as the leading voice. We consider our Employer and Candidate connection crystal clear and always looking ahead to maintain the bond of business relations.